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The American Unitarian Association was organized in 1825. The Universalist Church of America dates back to 1793. In 1961 the two denominations merged.

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Both Unitarians and Universalists had their American origin in the late 18th. century. Throughout the 19th and into the early 20th century, Unitarianism and Universalism were liberal Christian alternatives to more dogmatic forms of Christianity. Both religions have moved toward a religion based on individual freedom of belief. In today's congregation it is common to find a variety of beliefs, humanistic, agnostic, theistic, atheistic, pagan, Buddhist liberal Christian, etc. Over the past decade, feminist theology has made an impact. The hymn books are gender inclusive and half of the settled ministers are women. The term Unitarian affirms the unity of all life. The term Universalism indicates universality of religion itself. (Adapted from 100 Questions by John Sias)
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