European Unitarian Universalists (EUU)

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7 fellowship, many members at large.

EUU Fellowships:

  • Belgium
  • France - Paris
  • Germany - Kaiserlautern & Wiesbaden
  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland - Basel & Geneva
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Group Notes: 
European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) is a religious community and network connecting Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and UU fellowships in Europe. Approximately half of the members belong to local lay-led fellowships that share resources and programs (including Religious Education). The remaining members, known as "at large" members, are spread over most of the countries of Europe. The style of worship and other activities of EUU is more similar to that of the UUA than to that of other European Unitarian groups – but adapted to people living in Europe rather than North America. EUU publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Unifier, and sponsors twice-yearly retreats in various locations, with about 150 participants of all ages coming from all over Europe. Unitarians from other groups are welcome to attend. The weekend includes lectures, discussions, worship services, social activities, and an extensive religious program for children. The EUU Coordinating Council, consisting of officers and representatives from fellowships and members at large, meets 4 times a year to conduct the administrative business of EUU. The annual meeting of the membership takes place at the spring retreat. EUU is registered as a non-profit organization in France, acknowledging membership across Europe.
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Peter Jarrett
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