Sociedad Unitaria Universalista de España

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Reactivated in 2013

One active congregation in Barcelona. There are scattered individuals in other Spanish cities, but no other organized fellowships at this point.

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Miguel Servet (Michael Servetus), a Spaniard, was the first Anti-Trinitarian in modern times. His books De Trinitatis Erroribus (On the Errors About the Trinity”) and Christianismi Restitutio (Restoration of Christianity”) cost him religious persecution from Catholics and Protestants alike, and he was finally burned in John Calvin's Geneva in 1553. After general Franco's death in 1975, there was a flourishing of new groups and trends in the now-regained freedom. The Spanish UU Society was founded in 2000 and it was accepted as a Provisional Member of ICUU in May 2001. English Google translated link of website: is the blog to expand the celebrations manual. Google Forum:!forum/unitariscatalunya Facebook Group:
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