Czech Republic

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1922, in Prague, as the "Religious Liberal Fellowship". 1930, established as the Czech Unitarian Association

Prague, Brno, Plzen, Liberec (fellowship)

Monthly published by congregations: •Unitarske listy (Prague), •Poutnik (Brno), •Svobodna cesta (Plzen)
Group Notes: 
Rev. Dr. Norbert Capek was introduced to Unitarianism when he was in the United States. After the 1st World War, he returned to Prague and with the help of American friends started a free church which grew in size and popularity. The Czechoslovak Unitarian Association was formed on June 30, 1930 and recognized by the government on the same day. The founder and first minister was the Rev. Norbert Capek, who died as a martyr in a Nazi concentration camp in 1942. Dr. Capek, writer, lecturer, composer of Unitarian hymns is known to many as the person who, in 1923, created the Flower Communion, a service that is carried out in Unitarian churches all over the world. Since its beginnings the Czech Unitarian Association has had friendly contacts with Unitarians all over the world and is a member of IARF as well as a founding member of ICUU.
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Jiri Gabriel, Religious society of Czech Unitarians, Karlova 8, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic
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