Mentoring Emerging Groups

When someone anywhere in the world discovers U-Uism for the first time, the ICUU is the organization they can turn to for information, advice, and resources. Potential U-U groups are nurtured by contact with our global network, by consulting from ICUU staff and volunteers, and by coalitions of congregations around the world working together to support the development and sustainability of a new group.

Mentoring Coalitions are groups of congregations and individuals in several countries, who work together to support the organizational growth and development of an emerging group in a different country or region. 

The Francophone East Africa Coalition supports emerging/ developing groups in Burundi, Rwanda and Congo Brazzaville.   Starting with face-to-face meetings, representatives of coalition congregations in the USA, Canada and Europe meet with African coalition partners to develop a 2-to-3 year plan for organizational development.  In 2012, this coalition agreed to support web site development, publicity, sharing of worship materials, and training and support for aspiring ministers in the East African groups.   The Francophone Coalition is now planning a second 2-to-3 year plan.

The newest ICUU coalition project invites congregations and individuals interested in working together to support the organizational growth and development of the UU Church of Kenya, an emerging U-U group of six small “house churches” in Kenya.  Your congregation could be part of this effort.