Ijo Isokan Gbogbo Eda (Unitarian Brotherhood Church) and First Unitarian Church of Nigeria

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The Unitarian Brotherhood Church was founded by a group of liberal religious people of different denominations in 1919.


Group Notes: 
The first place of worship was a town hall opposite Anglican Kings Church in Lagos. Both their hymns, which they composed, and their church services were in the vernacular called Yoruba. They also added the use of native drums to their worship. Many Christians embracing this practice, left their own churches to worship with the Unitarians. When this was observed the other churches felt they were losing members and persecution started. But the persecution gave them courage, and with the support of influential people, they expanded and built a church and primary school in 1936. The First Unitarian Church of Nigeria was formed in 1994 to propagate a gospel of freedom and service in Nigeria.