Jemaat Allah Global Indonesia Indonesia Global Church of God

Full Member
2000 (de jure); 1996 (de facto)

Eight congregations in 7 cities: Semarang, Solo, Klaten, Yogya, Sukorejo, Jakarta, and Manado. Prospective new group in Surabaya.

Group Notes: 
JAGI is a Christian Unitarian group. With Indonesia as its social and cultural context, a country with the biggest Moslem population in the world, JAGI put efforts to build dialogues and cooperations between Semitic religions as its highly prioritized activities. Meetings every Saturday (Sabbath) morning in each congregation, except one satellite congregation in Solo that gathers every Friday evening or Saturday evening. Annual national events include a Family Bible Camp, a Youth Group Meeting, and a Spiritual Retreat. The National Meeting is held every four year to make church evaluation and to elect new members of the National Executive Committee.
Group Contact: 
Ellen Kristi Jl. Jeruk VII / 28-30 Semarang 50249 Indonesia Phone: (62) 24 8311047 Fax: (62) 24 8316134
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