The Unitarian Church in Hungary, part of the Hungarian Unitarian Church

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The history goes back to Francis David in 1568

12 congregations, 21 fellowships

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The history of the Unitarian Church in Hungary goes back to 1568, to the Diet of Torda, when the movement started. From that time until 1920 Transylvania belonged to Hungary. In the 16th century there were more than 100 congregations in the territory of present day Hungary. After the Roman Catholic Counter-reformation, Unitarians could only be found in Transylvania. Unitarians came back to Budapest andÊ present-day Hungary after the revolution in 1848-49. The First Budapest Unitarian Church was founded in 1876. At the end of the last century and the beginning of this century several more Unitarian churches were founded. The Church considers itself to be a liberal Christian body.
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Unitarian Church in Budapest H-1055 Budapest Nagy Ignac utca 2 -4. Hungary - Phone: 36 1 332 2823 or 36 1 252 1577 Fax: 36 1 332 2823 or 361 252 3577
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