Global Chalice Lightings

The words of Aleks Zglinska offered to us by the British Unitarians


A sacred flame burns in my heart, tells me I'm one, sets me apart. Helps me to find that which is true, in reaching out to you. Once we're a few a brighter light cuts through the darkness of the night. In these connections we shall see, strength in community. The light we find in others hearts brings us together. Then we start, transforming lives and making friends with this the light will never end.


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April 2017

Global Chalice Lighting Words:

 The words of Charles Eddis offered to us by the Canadian Unitarian Council


The World

May the world that is one in its life, a rich blue top spinning in the endless night of space, a world that is one in its interdependence and fragility, be one in our hearts and minds and deeds also. 


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Offered to us by Uwayisaba Clement from the Rwanda Unitarian Church


We light this chalice in union with those who are suffering because of their belief, of poverty, sickness, unemployment, persecution, exile, prison; for the absent, those who are dying, to those who are burdened by work. May love, joy and peace reign in the world and may freedom and tolerance be our virtues.


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Offered to us by the Religious Society of Czech Unitarians


May on Earth, only good and useful fires burn;

May the flames be not the source destruction, but a friend;

May the light of this flame remind us the path of peace and wisdom.


Kéž na zemi hoří jen prospěšné, dobré a užitečné ohně,

Kéž živým tvorům není plamen zdrojem zkázy, ale přítelem,

Kéž nám jeho světlo připomíná cestu míru a moudrosti.



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